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Total Theme v 1.4.0

Release Date: May 28, 2014
  • Updated Visual Composer Extension plugin now built-in ! You can remove this plugin from your site now.
  • Updated Font Awesome Icons
  • Added Visibility setting for the toggle bar
  • Added New filter wpex_toggle_bar_active to enable/disable the togglebar
  • Added New helper to view # queries, memory usage and page load for troubleshooting
  • Updated Moved “admin” folder into functions/redux
  • Added New Function and filter wpex_get_template_part so you can alter the location of your template parts, yay!
  • Added Blog link as defined in the theme admin for standard categories/tags
  • Fixed Double “blog” link on single post breadcrumbs when blog page defined in the admin
  • Added New template part content-other.php for other post types used on the site
  • Added new filter to prevent issues with images not displaying sometimes when usingSSL
  • Fixed Count for product categories widget with child items
  • Fixed Spacing when font icons are used in a custom menu widget
  • Fixed Issue with bullets being added when a custom menu is used inside the Visual Composer
  • Updated The wp_login_url shortcode so if a user is logged in it will show a logout link instead
  • Fixed Issue if you have more then 1 row of related portfolio items the layout won’t break
  • Fixed Issue where adding 0px for the header top and bottom padding wouldn’t actually remove the padding
  • Added A filter to alter the default bars icon html for the mobile menu open button: ‘wpex_mobile_menu_open_button_text’
  • Fixed Issue if the shop was set to the homepage it wasn’t showing the correct shop sidebar
  • Updated Renamed functions folder to “framework”
  • Fixed Issue with flexslider heights on mobile devices
  • Fixed Double title meta issue when Yoast SEO is active
  • Fixed Some styling issues with font awesome icons when using the :before tag
  • Updated Made sidebar widget icons darker so you can see them better
  • Updated Cleaned up carousel arrows a bit
  • Added Recent Comments With Avatar Widget
  • Fixed Column issues with IE8
  • Added New options for the divider module for icon background and padding
  • Updated Moved WooCommerce images out of css/images and into images/ woocommerce/
  • Fixed Double title issue when Yoast SEO is active
  • Added New function wpex_meta_title() to output the header meta tag
  • Added Option to enable social sharing on staff posts
  • Updated Optimized the social sharing function to make it more efficient
  • Added New polylang switcher shortcode!
  • Updated Sliders, Carousels and grids will load on image ready instead of window load to make things appear a bit faster
  • Updated Increased pagination links height and padding a bit
No dev notes for this update.
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