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Total Theme v 1.1.2

Release Date: January 20, 1014
  • NEW Option to toggle icons from widgets on/off
  • NEW Option to open social links in a new tab
  • NEW Element style for the Visual Composer text with separator so you can make h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 tags for SEO
  • NEW Function for the meta viewport tag that fixes issues on mobile devices when responsiveness is disabled
  • NEW Option to select between the font icons and image icons for the top bar social area
  • NEW Added VK to the social links options
  • NEW Gallery Slider for the Visual Composer Extension plugin
  • NEW Option to disable featured image in the Visual Composer Extension blog grid
  • NEW Option to control footer callout button border radius
  • NEW Opacity option to the fixed header
  • NEW Next/Previous links on portfolio, staff, testimonials and standard posts will now loop through items in the same category only.
  • NEW Option to disable date in the Recent Posts with Thumbnails widget
  • FIXED Localization issue so the admin panel can be translated with the .mo files
  • FIXED Footer issue where changing the columns wasn’t actually removing the code for un-used widgets
  • FIXED Layout issues with EDD and other plugins that add new custom post types
  • FIXED Comment link on blog entries not working
  • FIXED Debug notice for mobile icons menu when a menu wasn’t defined
  • FIXED Bug where blog-entry classes were being added to non-post post types such as woo products
  • FIXED Comment form design spacing issues
  • FIXED Double title issue on image.php
  • FIXED Endless loop on single quote posts
  • REMOVED Double title on index.php when not using a static page
  • REMOVED Default all caps for logo
  • UPDATED Embeded videos in post formats will now display in recent news and blog grid Visual Composer Extension modules
  • UPDATED Cleaned up all php in main template files. Tabs and spacing.
  • UPDATED Styling.php to loop through color options automatically making it easier to add and manage theme styling options
  • UPDATED Pre tag design
No dev notes for this update.
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