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The Milestone page builder module allows you to display number that will count up when it becomes visible on the page. Easily change the number, before/after static content, typography and design to display various milestones for your business.

Add Large Numbers
Add Content Before
(Or After Numbers)

Reasons, but a caption isn’t always one. Feel free to use (or not use) features as you see fit to create one of a kind milestones for your site. This includes options for colors, fonts, animations, icons, before/after, separators, start value, speed and more.

Why Milestones?

Milestones are a great way to showcase numbers relevant to your business on your site.

Choose your custom speed.
Make pretty designs.
Guaranteed you will love it.
Add Icons
And Alignments

Dynamic Values

In version 4.0 of the Total theme we introduced the ability to display dynamic data in your milestone by entering any “function” name and the theme will return the result of that function. For example you can create a simple function that returns the number of portfolio projects currently added to the site.

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