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Yesterday I saw that my first purchase of the Total theme was 6 years ago – rated it 5 stars – and I asked myself, which theme, plugin or other tool do I still use since then. My answer was: only Total! As so many other customers mentioned, besides being probably the most well thought-out theme here, nothing can top…

Bernhard Hiegl
Well Thought Out

Its the best light weight wordpress theme I have been using for the website, and it is super fast and has amazing features to customize almost everything – somethings need CSS Short-codes which are also very well given in documentation. I have been using this theme with both Visual Composer and Elementor Pro & it’s addons – it works perfect.

Karen Zip
Amazing Features

I have used Total five different times now on different projects, and the ease of customization always blows me away! There’s very little this theme can’t do; and every change and update is a breeze. I have tried other themes in the past, but always find myself coming back to Total when the others just don’t measure up. You have…

Melissa Smith
Total 5

This WordPress template truly stands behind its name, Total. It has everything you could possibly think of when building various websites. Every time I thought a feature didn’t exist and would have to rely on a plugin, this template proves me wrong every time. My gosh, let’s not forget about the documentation, it is very well documented and up-to-date. One…

Steve Masters
WP Template
Testimonial 4
Testimonial 6
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