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Why Don’t Grids Have Responsive Column Settings

Because of how HTML works the grid modules such as the Blog grid doesn’t have options to select the columns on the different devices. Basically you can choose the columns you want and if you disable responsiveness they will display at those same columns on all devices, otherwise they will switch to a single column on small devices which is the most common way websites work.

Technically it would be possible to include options for different widths at different devices but it adds a huge amount of extra bloat to the theme. It would require hundreds of new lines of CSS code as well as it would require all the grids to use masonry (javascript driven) layouts to prevent issues with floats (for example you can’t take 6 columns and turn it into 5 without advanced clearing of the floats). Because this is something that has only been requested by a couple customers and would require a significant decrease in performance of the theme we can not include the options for the grid.

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