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Theme Options/Customizer

The Total WordPress theme includes tons of easy to use options to customize the design of your site. Most of your theme options can be found in the live WordPress theme customizer. Total uses only native WordPress functions, so you should be familiar with the way the Customizer looks and works.

Simply navigate to Appearance > Customize to make changes to the design of your website.

In the Customizer you will be making GLOBAL edits to your theme. For example if you go to the Header tab and select a different header style or background this will apply to all the pages.

Customizer Manager – Enable/Disable Customizer Panels

You can enable panels from the Theme Panel > Customizer tab. We also recommend that you disable any panels that you are not using. This will speed up the Customizer as you are using it. Enabling/disabling panels will NOT remove any of your settings or disable any features it simply prevents the tabs from loading to speed things up.

Theme Panel – Enable/Disable Features

In the main theme panel you will find settings for your custom branding, Google Analytics tracking ID, System Status and options to enable/disable any core theme feature that you either don’t use or want to slim things down.

If you aren’t sure what each feature does, you can click on the arrow to read a description about the feature. If you are still unsure, you can always ask us for help!

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